Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nine Weeks

Our little guy is nine weeks old.
HOW did that happen?

Looking back, May zoomed by. So did much of June. It feels both like we've had James forever and also just for a second. He's getting so big. This was just eight weeks ago:

Seriously, what happened to the last eight weeks?
But he's been such a wonderful boy. Starting around four to five weeks old, he started sleeping from about 10:30/11 until 5am. At 5am, he'd wake up, want some milk, then fall back asleep on Bob or me and just want snuggles for a few more hours. We thought it was a fluke, and we held our breath and enjoyed it as long as it lasted... and then it continued to last. We realize how infinitely lucky we are to have such an easygoing, sleep at night, cuddle in the morning baby. VERY VERY lucky. And we're aware that it could stop ANYTIME.
He's growing like a weed. I'm convinced in the above pictures that it's my chair shrinking, not him growing. He used to sleep so much during the day, but now he just wants to be awake ALL the time during the day, absorbing as much as he can. And this awakeness usually happens from the baby carrier, his very very favorite thing in the whole wide world. I'm certain he sees Mama, Dada, and Auntie Laura as baby transporters, serving the purposes of carrying him around so he can see things.
He has such great neck strength, though he occasionally flops his head down with great force that it shocks me. He go go goes all day long. He's been working those leg muscles too, "standing" up in the carrier by pushing his little feet against our hands. I love that he does it more when we exclaim "oh, what a big boy you are! Do it again!!"
I can't wait for this week when he gets to meet his Auntie Natalie and Uncle Bill. We'll take James to some of our favorite activities that fall over the Fourth of July. And James will get to see fireworks, which will undoubtedly amaze him as all things light-related do (Christmas lights are PHENOMENAL in James's book, by the way).

We love this little guy so much, but truly wish he'd stop growing so very very fast. You growing is my greatest joy and sorrow, little man. Keep being your sweet sweet self, my boy.

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