Thursday, November 12, 2009

The waiting game

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just haven't felt up to it. Ugh, that sounds so morose, but it's true.

I feel like I should have SOMETHING to post about. But really, I want to post about either job prospects or moving, both of which I'm playing the waiting game with right now.

Job-wise, I have applications out there, but no word positive or negative. Ugh! I suppose nothing is also good, but sigh. I'm networking too, but that takes effort that is more complicated because we live about an hour away.

Moving-wise, we have some serious nibbles on the house. We have to find a replacement tenant (we had a year-long lease, and we're breaking it, so we have to find a replacement tenant). We could move, but then we'd be responsible for both the lease here and at the new place, and we really don't want that much rent right now. Moving is especially frustrating since we really want this fabulous cottage we found, but we can't agree to it unless we find someone here. So our cozy cottage may slip away to another renter because the nibblers here can't decide.



Meanwhile, I'm at home, and trying to keep busy. Yes, there's the job hunt, but there's only so much one person can do a day. So, I'm also preparing for a move, sorta... I'm going through our stuff and eliminating the things we really do not need. That way, we'll only move the stuff we need to move. Everything else? Goodwill, craigslist, used bookstores, etc.

It does actually feel really good to simplify our lives, and it's something I think we'd need to do even if we stayed here 5 more years. So, at least I'm being somewhat productive...

Here's hoping and praying though that the waiting game ends soon.

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