Thursday, June 28, 2012


I'm pondering purchasing plans for this pergola. Yes, I think I can do it on my own, but I'm thinking this might cut down on my wood waste too.
Pergola Plans



  1. Isn't it awesome!? I was holding my breath this morning and I'm pleasantly surprised! I wish my father was alive to see this, it would have made a huge difference in the last few years of his life.

    That is one gorgeous pergola.

  2. Checking in. Love the pup in the title photo. Pergola looks very inviting. I hope it brings you much satisfaction. Also delightfully surprised to see that you also are celebrating the SCOTUS decision. Think we might be soulmates! Best wishes, friend~Rosie's earthly mama

  3. @Julie: Yes, I agree. And I can't wait on the pergola! I ordered the plans. :)
    @Mollie: We're excited about the pergola. But oh, now to wait for the plans and then build! As for SCOTUS, it's so many things. Gender equality for premiums (our state already had that, but most-- over 40-- did not!), pre-existing conditions (what a worry for so many people), grad students falling under parent plans, and the very poor being able to be covered. We've been very poor (upon graduating), and we always kept health insurance, but what a financial burden! Thank goodness we did not develop any illness. I can't imagine whether to weigh losing one's physical life versus losing one's financial life. Do I think we can gradually improve the plan? Yes. But hooray for the US for finally joining most of the rest of the developed world nations. Next: Can we talk about cost of education and paid maternity leave and day care? I don't want to be handed anything on a platter, but looking to other nations, my, life could be better.

  4. I also love that the court completely sideswiped predictors on both sides (this is my legal beagle background coming into play). A tax? Talk about out of left field. Everyone was all a-twitter. Love surprises.