Monday, August 13, 2012

Bedroom Dresser

We have been finally paying some attention to our bedroom set-up. We've painted the walls (twice) and are now happy with the color. But, it's always felt a bit empty. So, we decided to tiptoe into the market for a "lowboy" style dresser. I needed to be nice, as our bedroom is small and it would be one of the focal points.

We seriously considered the hemnes dresser from Ikea. It's one of their better-made dressers, in my opinion, and I've always admired it. But, at $299, it was a bit much for our budget (plus would involve a 2-hour drive to the nearest Ikea). It also looks a lot like our sideboard in the dining room, and I wanted to avoid that.

So, we decided to stalk Craigslist. Or, rather, I stalked Craigslist. My husband has made it clear that "he does not do Craigslist." I'd like to add an addendum to that sentence-- he does not do Craiglist, he merely reaps the benefits of my hard work.

Off soapbox. :)

A few days in, this beauty popped up:

JUST what we were looking for!!!

And... drumroll... only $40. GASP! It's well-made, by a known company for good construction. The drawers have dovetail construction, and the bottom 4 drawers are cedar-lined. WHY they were selling it for $40? Don't know. They loved the piece, but wanted it to go to a good home. And for an extra $10, they DELIVERED from 45 minutes away. YES!

SO now she's in our bedroom. More to come on how we're doing with the rest of the room. Anyone have a bed frame?

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  1. $50 for delivery AND a dresser?? That is a great find!