Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bedroom Color Scheme

As I mentioned in my last post, we're redoing the bedroom. I'm painting the walls black pepper by Benjamin Moore. I was perusing color palettes recently, and I came across this one. Wouldn't you know it-- our bedroom wall color is very close to the top color swatch.

I LOVE this color palette. We'll get the greens through plants in the room. I'm thinking of making the light blue actually an ivory white instead-- we'll get that color through translucent window coverings.

We also have these roll up curtains:
I'm THINKING about spray-painting them a new color. Maybe white too, but I haven't yet decided. Regardless, I think our room gets enough browns through the brown wood floors, so we don't need them on the windows... especially with the trims painted an off-white white color. Maybe a light cream? I think that's enough in the palette to work.

We'll get the other colors with a throw and pillows and nightstands. 

I'm very excited-- 2.5 years in this bedroom and it hasn't felt "like ours." With this transformation (and really, we're not revolutionizing too much), it's really beginning to feel permanent and like it's ours.

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