Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pump It, Take II

So, an update on my last post.

First of all, thanks to those who either called, emailed, messaged, or commented in support. I was really thankful to hear others' stories and kind words. It means a whole lot!

I decided that part of what was getting me down in pumping was the set-up. The Medela pump and madonna bra get-up is just about the least sexy, cow-standing in a pumping barn set up you can have. And I have a VERY supportive husband, but I just felt demoralized whenever I wore it. Add in hormones and stress of constant pumping and I was a raging mess.

So, I found a website I had bookmarked when I was pregnant: Freemie.

(by the way, if you just google "breast pump" you end up with a lot of sites that are NOT breastfeeding-related. YIKES)

Freemie makes a breast pump where the milk collection actually goes INTO your bra. There's a video here on how it works.

Personally, I thought it was too good to be true. And since it was new (and my insurance which covered pumps required I buy a pump from a brick and mortar store), I decided to go with tried-and-true Medela pump for me.

Until I was pumping around the clock...

Last week, I decided enough was enough. My pump wasn't compatible with Freemie, but my friend just finished breastfeeding and her Medela pump was compatible. I sprung and ordered just the Freemie cups (a $50ish investment, instead of their cups and pump, which would have been a $150ish investment... a higher amount I wasn't willing to risk on a whim that they'd work. And yes, I will follow up with my insurance company to try to get that $50 back)

Whoa, what a difference to not have to be running around the house attached to an ugly external milking machine.

The upsides: Everything, except now I can't use my cordless Medela pump-- Freemie is only compatible with a plug-in pump. But, if James starts squawking in the middle of pumping, I just turn off the pump, LEAVE THE CUPS IN my bra, and attend to him. When he's settled down. I just reattach the tubes to the pump and go away. Sure, the cups aren't super soft, but they also don't jostle or run the risk of detaching like the Medela collectors do, and I can actually pick up my child and hold him against my chest with the cups on.

I also feel more human(?), womanly(?) (unsure of the right word) with pumps that are concealed. And it's so nice not to have to put on a special bra and get up.

All of this is making me feel a lot better. I also have an appointment with a different lactation consultant on Monday. We'll see what she says about the new system and if she has changes and other recommendations.

Moving forward...

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