Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, we are 98% in the new house. The remaining 2% of things are still at the old place, which we technically have until 5/15. However, I arranged for us to transfer electricity into the landlord's name as of 5/10, so we'd BETTER be out of there asap.

The old place is about ready for me to start cleaning cleaning cleaning. It still has a few things in it, like the dog bed and bear (both which need to be washed before coming to the new place), but at this point, few are the things that remain. I already began cleaning, but I knew I'd need to remove a lot of the things inside in order to be efficient at cleaning. Now that the things are gone, I really do need to get to work.

On the to-do list today and this weekend: cleaning. We also want to build a raspberry bed for the raspberries, that way all we have to do is just transport the plants and they'll already have a home built for them. The blueberries need to be moved too, but that's not as time-sensitive.

So whew! Busy busy!

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