Friday, August 2, 2013


TOTALLY not expecting to buy anything, I went with a coworker yesterday to the salvage/recycling place. She'd never been, so I gave her the tour (it's huge and a little overwhelming).

They normally have a LOT of doors, but many of them are old, broken, thickly painted, and not our style. I did buy our chicken coop door (actually, it was free) and our two french doors (one is hung on a closet door, the other is waiting) from Bring, but normally, it's a lot of hunting with no reward.

And I wasn't even looking for a door yesterday. I was just showing her around.

And then I saw it:
Huge, but gorgeous. Solid maple or solid really nice pine. 

I didn't know our door dimensions though, and since I'd have to cut it down a lot, I held off until I knew our door height and width. I found those out last night, as well as what the cost for new glass would be (about $14 a panel for tempered glass-- there are three panels). 

And this morning, I went back to measure. I take a little more off the top and bottom than I'd like, but I don't hit the glass or the paneling, so I'm ok with that. On the sides, I leave plenty of room. 

AND SO I BOUGHT IT. Cost? $150 (plus the approx $45 for glass).  Brand new, this baby would be $700-$800+. I'm pretty darn excited.

But, it's not going to be hung right away. First we have to finish painting the house, and then we can work on this baby.

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