Monday, August 11, 2014

Fixing up

Bob and I sat down this weekend and pieced out the house, room by room. We made a LONG list. Not of big projects or remodels. Instead, it was what needs to be fixed and improved in each room.

We have a few projects in the yard to finish up this summer, and we finally have a plan for the backyard.

Other than those yard projects though, we've decided to just focus on improving and maintenance.

Oy, it's a long list.

We're tackling the upstairs first because Bob's sister is coming to live with us in a few weeks. I don't expect to have everything done anytime soon, but we're getting started. I'll try to chronicle things here, as we go room-by-room and improve.

Maybe we'll finish up by the time James is crawling or walking. We'll see...

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