Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I am plumb drunk crazy over these boys.

Oh my James. My happy happy James. He's so actively soaking up the world like a little sponge. His eyes follow me around the room. Yesterday, he was playing in his chair happily while I sat and talked with him. After a bit I went and sat down across the room. James stared after me and later got so excited upon my return.

After two fussy sleep nights last week (an oddity for this child), James slept last night from 10 until 6:30. He drank a little milk at 6:30, and then snuggled up against Bob. When I left those two cuddlebugs at 7:40, they were still all snuggled up.

James now routinely "hugs" you as you carry him, and it's such a joy to feel this happy little guy cling onto me.

On the special news front, James met his other grandparents (Bob's folks) for the first time yesterday. More on that later, but it was such a joy to share him with them.

Oh honey, just freeze time, ok? I'm loving this so much.

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