Friday, February 3, 2012

Gardens don't just happen....

Gardens don't just happen... Here are my plan (to be approved by Bob, hopefully) as to where to put things. This is all based on how many of things we want, what we want to store, what needs sun, and what we need to plant throughout the summer.

You should see the seed catalog. It's drawn all over, items crossed out, items circled.

While I have the careful start dates planned out, we also have to take care to plant certain things in places where they can quickly be covered in case deluge rains come and/or things get cold.

Next comes the list of when to start certain things indoors. And then the creation of an overall calendar.

I should all we reference most things consistently with Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, since relying on "normal" seed guidelines would set us up for a lot of failure. We carefully know what plants we're going to grow, thanks to this book.

You'll also notice that we're growing several plant varieties in the front yard. Yup. We have enough green out there in the wintertime, but in the summertime, we're hoping to have veggies out there... but done in an organized, nice-looking sort of way.

So exciting!

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