Monday, February 6, 2012

Mulch results

Well, here's the obligatory "before" shot...

And the after!

There is still about an 8x8' section of area in the far back (not in the photo) that needs landscape fabric and mulch, but I'm out of fabric and debating my options (cardboard?) as to if I should get more fabric.

The mulching, so far, only cost us the fabric: $26. The mulch was free. This is only two loads' worth, so we're pretty happy. Make that very happy!

But oh, so much more to do. Weed the raspberry patch, cut the pillars down a bit, and wire it.

Weed the hillside, plant strawberries, and light mulch it.

And over on this side... sigh. Where do I begin? Rake hillside. Weed hillside. Dismantle old coup and use board on top of chicken coop. Build fence. Build asparagus beds. Fill asparagus beds. Plant hillside. Mulch. Add more gravel to the ramp/path from terrace 4 to 3. Add borders to various things so no mulch in gravel, no gravel in mulch. Whew. What a LOT of work to be done here.

But at least we're getting there!


  1. These look awesome! We are going to try to make some beds these year and mulch as garden needs a major re-design! Impressed you got them done already!

  2. Ha! Okay, I will tell you that the last couple times I tried to comment on one of your posts, it didn't let me. Guess it is working for me now!