Monday, October 12, 2009

Insanely Grumpy.

I do NOT want to be at work right now. I'd much prefer to be in bed snuggling with my sweetie. Two weekend days this past week and neither resulted in any sleep in time.

Yes, I know. Once we have kids, goodbye to the weekend sleep-ins. But we do not have kids so we appreciate the sleep-in days, ok?

Saturday morning I realized I had forgotten the darn dog vaccination records AT WORK. I made it there and back (just over 2 hours total) in time for the appointment, but I was STRESSED out and in a grumpy mood. B had to pack up everything for our weekend overnight trip down south.

Vet visit went well. I felt like a horrible person for wanting a corgi with pointy ears. Seriously. Give me a break. I'm not talking about cutting the darn dog's ears or causing her pain. I'm talking about putting non-stick tape on her ears for 3 days. No pain. They are SUPPOSED to go up naturally, but our dog happens to have Dumbo ears and they (though they are TRYING HARD) cannot get up on their own. Dammit vet, answer my questions. And B was silent, so this provoked grumpiness from me.


We had an hour drive to our friends to get over said grumpiness, which we mostly did. The afternoon got better from there. Went to the winery we liked and got this executive tasting thing for our friend's birthday. YOWZA. Too much wine for me.

Found a picture of me from the trip though, and ugh, elephant thighs. I swear. I splurge a little and it's like they get the get-out-of-jail-free card. And I should add: My friend chooses to post THAT picture of me on facebook, despite the other, better ones of me out there. Motivation, I guess, since this week I start my lunchtime workouts.

We went out to dinner, which was fun. Myhusband accidentally ordered 2 expensive things, which I wasn't too happy about, but it was a legit mistake. Grumble, but nothing you can do about that.

Sunday woke up early. Our friends have a 20-month old, so sleep there is for the weak. And may I just say DANG it was cold! It's October and it was 32 degrees outside. Brrrrr. I had left my coat at the winery, so I had to scrounge in my car and borrow a coat from my friend. Breakfast was good, then we went to clayfest where I ended up getting interviewed by the local news station. Woot! B was laughing at me getting all miked up and then he was all for it when we found out I got a free pot for my efforts. HA!

We stopped by an old friend's house to see her remodel, and we were reminded again how much we want to buy a house. SIGH. Now is such a good time to buy, and it's sad we cannot. Our jobs just don't permit us to buy a house where we live. THe commutes aren't permanent, so why buy a house in a non-permanent area?

We walked Maddie for a long time in the park, went to the fancy grocery store where I went hog wild in the bulk bin and candle sections, visited another old friend, and then went home. Yawn!

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