Thursday, October 1, 2009

End of the month scramble


This past month, I took off the Friday before Labor Day. Then, obviously without advance notice, I took off Monday and Tuesday last week.

Result? Minor panic attack at month's end.

I have a certain number of hours to get in every month, and the 2 days last week threw things into a disarray. But, after working long hours last Wednesday through yesterday, I came out more than ok.

But, I'm left exhausted. Is it Friday yet?

We have "let's see and what happens" plans this weekend. Besides a tentative dinner with friends on Sunday evening, NOTHING is planned. I could spend all Saturday in my PJs.

I think B may want to go wine tasting... or maybe we'll head to the coast. Maddie is still not vaccinated (we have to wait until a week from Saturday, augh!), so we have to be careful where we take her so that she doesn't catch any doggie diseases.

Can't wait till tomorrow afternoon... Sigh!

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