Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall and Rain...

It's raining today in Portland...
I LOVE it.
I see these hills out of my window at work. The closest ones point at the Willamette River, and the ones in the distance point to the Columbia River. Right now, their tops are clinging to these gray puffy mist clouds. Pretty soon, it will become too much and the rain clouds will slide down the foothills' sides and drench downtown.

It is cozy and exciting.

The leaves are beginning to turn colors, but only their tips. Soon it will be a full explosion of color.

I have plans to save some leaves this fall. Last fall they were gorgeous reds, purples, oranges and yellows. They looked like butterflies when the wind swept them up.
We have these gigantic windows at home. The couch and fireplace are right inside. I can't wait for the rain to come down and to bundle up with my sweetie on the couch, all cozy and indoors.

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  1. This is definitely my favorite time of the year just for those reasons!