Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cereal and Procrastination

B's picking me up from work tonight in the already-packed bigger car. Which meant that last night, we had to pack the car, prepare notes for the person checking on the cat monsters, clean up a little, and pack.

The night started off with no leftovers looking good. So we had cereal. Apparently we had been flung back to college years, but I'm not complaining. I was not going to cook when we would be gone for 4 days!

7pm rolls around. 8pm rolls around. 9pm rolls around...

B's asleep. I'm tired. The cats found some ridiculous bell toy and are batting it around.

Need to pack....

So I woke B up. He unloaded the car (which had been packed with stuff from his place from over the weekend... yes, we're SO on top of things), I packed.

He lives dangerously-- he let me pack for him.

I packed the little suitcase for both of us. Decided to plop all our shoes in a box. That's simple. The few things we had picked up for our friends we put in a rubbermaid container.

I think one of our problems is we get the attitude of "I'll get that in the morning." B said this a few times.... It worried me. We both do NOT like to get up early in the morning and I know that procrastination (I mean, look at us, we're packing at 10pm) would just result in a LOT of things getting left behind. No sweetie, let's get those now, please?

So now I'm sitting here at work, going through lists in my mind. What did we forget? Poor B is getting emails about camera cable and cell phone chargers soon.

Besides the wedding (I took off 3 days, he took off 2), the last place we went away to was last Christmas to see his family in Cincinnati. While that was fun, the blizzard of the NW hit as we were flying out, resulting in a 1.5 day stay at the airport, hurridly packed bags, a broken car chain, 1.5" of ice on the car, and two VERY VERY cold, grumpy people. The wedding was wonderful, but there was chaos before of must-get-SO-much-done and then finding a new place to live.

This is a vacation. Well, a 4-day one, but nonetheless, a vacation.


Many, many photos to be posted. And yes, I do have my camera. I've checked three times.

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