Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mechanic results-- sleazeballs!


The good news is that B's car is mostly ok. There are a few things though that he'll need to get done sooner rather than later since he's passed the 60k mileage mark on maintenance (the car has 65k).

So the mechanic B took the car to said to replace 2 belts and change the fluids. They said the one belt and labor woudl cost $600. This isn't unheard of, but still, choke cough. But, if that belt breaks, it would cause massive problems and expense. So, the belt, recommended to be replaced at 60k miles, needs to be changed, especially with B getting to 75k miles by the end of 2009.

On a whim, I called my mechanic up here, explained what needed to be done, etc. The cost (including labor) quoted by him? $300. And, he will throw in the other belt and replace that one ($35) for free. They're also REALLY reasonable on fluid changes (changed my transmission fluid for $30, whereas other places wanted $120). And, they do a good job.

Really? I immediately called B and told him to put a hold on ordering ANYTHING from his mechanic. I don't know if it's the economy or what, but he's jacked up the price. Jerk.

So tomorrow, we'll be gettin' B's car taken care of up here. It works out well; B has to come to my work town anyway for a presentation. Hurray for ease.

And super hooray for second opinions.

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