Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Movin' forward!

I'm ok! PROMISE. It's just an adjustment phase. We've been doing pretty darn well on the overall adjustment from single to married. Just small things catch you by surprise. Like one of us unpacks a box and then the other is left clueless as to where anything's at. Oh, that's right... two of us now live here!

On other news, I can't plug in my memory chip into my computer. Darn, I know. But I love my camera, so it's ok. I need a cord. My memory chip is about 1"x1", and my computer just won't support that. My means of connecting is a cable to the camera from the computer. And I don't know where that cable is. I may sneak up and borrow one from tech support at work...

Almost a massive scare! our photographer's computer crashed and she lost all our photos. THANK GOODNESS she send us the CD last week!!! I think she may need another form of back-up.

We went to Ikea and got some things for the house. A new coat stand , a plain white rug for in the office/craft room, a pot rack, and some CHEAP pillow covers for the couch and shams for the bed. Oh, and a new chair for me to use in the home office!!! I love that it doesn't have arms. Arms on desk chairs are overrated unless you do a lot of LEANING back and contemplating. My office desk chair has arms which bump my table. So, my chair sits lower so they don't bump... and my back hurts. This chair? Awesome.

Our AC is confusing. This morning I walked outside and the fan was on! What? I thought you were broken? So it may just be the AC.... Idon't know. The cats are going to go stay with a friend sometime this week and then folks will come over and check it out. I'm worried about the cats getting outside.

So, we're moving forward. B has a class all day Saturday, and I'm looking forward to getting things taken care of. Blissful.

Sunday, we may be visiting a breeder. No, we're not buying anything. We're just visiting....

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