Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Broken AC...


It's not like we live in Phoenix where we would DIE without air conditioner, but doggone it, it's sure awfully nice to have an AC house. But then last week there was a power outage. And, well, the unit has not worked since then.

It does NOT help that the control panel was made by someone with a SICK sense of humor. It is the most confusing instrument panel I've read. I finally pulled instructions up online last night, and really, it's HORRIBLE. Circle A says push panel B. WHAT?

I almost killed myself several times last night as I messed with the panel and then jumped up on the bathroom counter to feel the AC vent. Nope, nothing. Run outside to see if the unit's working?... nope, nothing. Drat.

I was in the middle of a complex series of buttons, trying hard to focus on the programming. And B comes over and pushes a button. Hell hath no fury like a woman whose AC programming has been interrupted.

"Do you really think pushing a button in the middle of my series of buttons would make this work!?" I asked. "Um, no, but I was trying to help..." Sweetie, this is not a nuclear missle silo where (I imagine, at least from cartoons) the two separate keys need to be turned at the same time and buttons pushed simultaneously. AUGH!

SO I was frustrated, and forgot to say "hey thanks B for unpacking the office." Geez, I'm a lovely wife.

I should add that I had just come from Walmart, so I was already in world-brace-yourself mood. I was really annoyed that the woman with four children under the age of 7 could not GET OFF THE PHONE. Instead, she was shopping, and her kids were running around wild. This was not a quick phone call; she was on the phone for at least 35+ minutes because I saw her a few times. And then, insult to injury, as I was standing in line for 30+ minutes (no joke), I saw that she made it through another line before me.

Karma, where are you when I need you?

Then I had to wait again to pay for my car's oil change (in preparation for our upcoming weekend). I think if you go into a store and you spend more time in line than you do shopping, your purchases should be free. Or at least a percentage off.

Regardless, I left WallyWorld hating a significant portion of humanity, missed a meeting that B ended up handling with the person who will watch our cat monsters while we're away, and the AC? Broken.



  1. I try to avoid wal-mart at all costs. ;)

  2. our a/c was broken this summer. right after the baby was born and it was like 100'. brian was getting upset at me because i couldn't get it to work. turns out a relay was corroded in the unit, so it might not be either of your faults.

  3. Hey, at least yours still works, technically speaking. Yours could’ve been just an issue of faulty wiring, which is pretty dangerous, considering that it could’ve been, and is, a potential fire hazard. Most of the time, however, the reason for the A/C breaking down can be attributed to lack of maintenance and/or cleaning. One of the most common reasons is a frozen inside coil. A frozen coil indicates a problem with the airflow in the A/C, which is again caused by dirty air filters or a blocked return air duct network. To put it simply, the only way a homeowner can keep their AC from getting a frozen inside coil is through diligent preventive maintenance.

    Darryl Iorio