Wednesday, September 23, 2009


What a last couple of days.

Minor thing: Whacked my foot against the wall by accident. Two very bruised, very sad looking toes. I don't think they're broken, but ouch.

Major thing: My sister was in the ER twice on Monday. Early monday, just after I had carpooled work, I got news that my sister was in the emergency room. She woke up at 3am to a headache that felt like someone was stabbing her head with a knife. She gets migranes, and she said this was 1000s of times worse. She called the advice nurse, who said for her to go to the ER immediately. She called a friend to drive her, and then called my parents while she waited because she was freaked out.

While she was talking with them, her left side went numb and she started to slur her words together. She got off the phone and immediately called 911.

The ER did an MRI, CAT can, and a spinal tap. That's when I got the news, and I immediately hopped in a rental car and drove up to see her. She was released before I got there, but then, in the afternoon, new symptoms presented themselves and we had to rush her back to the ER again.

Her pain for the headache was listed as a 9/10 on the pain scale, and in the afternoon, she was a 10/10. This from the kiddo who had teeth pulled WITHOUT anesthesia (she has a HIGH pain tolerance).

On Tuesday she could not walk-- the moment she went from horizontal to even sitting up she'd get dizzy and throw up. This made the trip to the neurologist and doctor interesting on Tuesday. She's still in a lot of pain and the nausea and dizziness have continued. She's on a lot of vicodin and IB profen. My parents flew up on Tuesday, so I was able to get back to work. But I am so tired. They're continuing to update me.

I now have a little understanding of how husbands feel when their wives are in labor. Yes, the wife has the physical pain. But it is tolling, exhausting, and horrifying to have someone you love in immense pain and not be able to do ANYTHING about it except to be there with them.

So keep her in your prayers. She's a bit better today then Tuesday, and a bit better on Tuesday than on Monday, but she's still not herself.


  1. OMG sending hugs and prayers your way! do they know yet what happened? stroke, whatever? poor EP.

  2. Eeek! Jessika! What a fright. Will be praying for sure.

  3. How terrible... especially to not really know what is going on. She will be in my prayers.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your sister, what a scary thing! Hope she's feeling better.