Thursday, September 24, 2009

New addition! Meet Maddie!

I had to wait until I told my sister. But, now that she knows...

Meet Madeline "Maddie" Fluffybutt (that name changes) Kaiser! Maddie is a tri-colored fluffy corgi, and we just love her. Very smart. She understands "NO" (whew), she has about an 85% success rate with the bathroom, and she Looooves her tummy scratched. She's 11.5 weeks old.
Right now, one ear is up but a little floppy. The other ear has some uumph to it, but hasn't quite gotten up.

Her head will eventually be all red, and there will be some red on her legs as well. She'll look like a german shepherd (color-wise and ears) but with short legs and no tail.

And, of course, she has a CORGI BUTT! Love it.

And she's a ham. And very curious. This is also a good shot of the one ear up, one ear down.

"Why you lock me in heres? I'm in the car... I can ride on your lap, right?"

Asleep, in the car, on her back, on the ride home. No sweat for this little puppy.

LOVE the tummy scratches!

If her water bowl is more than half full, she will plop her front paws in it and dig. It's really funny to watch. And, since she doesn't mind being wrapped up in a towel afterwards, it's fun and non-messy.

She LOVES Rumpole. LOVES him. That cat has the patience of 1000 monks. Seriously. She will run across the room and TACKLE him. Full-on tackle. Bite his toes, chew his ear, lick his face. And he puts up with it. If he bats her, he's playing and there are no claws. We have heaped praise on this cat because we are SO impressed with him.


  1. What a cutie! AW! I love it!

    Also, um, 11.5 weeks old and the pup has a better success rate with the bathroom than my dog. Is the fluffybutt available to teach Hank a thing or two?

    Sarah @