Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Patching, Painting, Purging and Packing

There is the distinct possibility we'll be moving soon. Not being one to want to jinx things, more details on that will come later.

But, in the meantime: Let us ride the chaos train.

Having heard rumors from a reliable source (the next door neighbor who rents from the same person) that each pinhole in our home will cost us $1-$8 (I remember him saying $1, he remembers being told $8), we're sweeping into gear.

Patching: yay caulk!
Painting: yay matching paint!
Purging: if we don't need it, let's sell, trash, or donate!
Packing: if we don't use it frequently, let's box it. If it's going to be stored in a box, let's get a nice bin.

It's been a fun few weeks.

The yard has also been 100% cleaned up. New seeds have been cast to cover areas that were bare, so the yard looks exactly as it did when we got it. We're leaving garden boxes in the corner that was a garden when we got here. We're leaving the yard in better condition in that case, so that makes us feel positive about the yard.

The chickens have their new portable coop (which I've been meaning to post about, but sigh...). They also have a cage. So, they'll be easy to cage up and move.

Needless to say, it will be a fun month....

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