Thursday, March 15, 2012

Deck planning

Besides working a lot, we're knee-deep in deck planning. The idea is to transform the bottom terrace in the backyard into 80% deck, 20% pavers (at the far end so we have a space to hose the hounds... though we might choose to make that happen in the side yard instead... see what I mean about planning?). It's a LONG space-- 60' long and 12ish feet deep.

As far as execution? The weather has not been kind. Snow, freezing rain, and regular rain. Oh, an hail. Not much snow, but you get the drift-- it hasn't been deck weather. Plus, maybe we should paint the house first (or at least the back side?).

I think a reasonable goal is for us to have a partial deck by July 4th.

Our poor kiwi plants though! They're growing like mad in our dining room and are rather grumpy at our lack of climbing space...

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