Thursday, March 1, 2012

Well that was a semi-failure...

I had purchased a $10 Groupon for a voucher good for $50 at Picaboo. I love Picaboo photo books.

I had another one earlier this week for a higher amount, so I used that for my 2011 photobook. The only other time period of our marriage not yet photobooked was the last half of 2009.

I remembered that the photobook Groupon expired "end of Feb," So, I hopped to it... but tonight and last night, life intervened.

So tonight I get home at 9. I gobble some dinner. I start working on photobook. Stuff happens, it doesn't go as fast as I wanted to... but! I finish at 11:52.

I go to get the Groupon.

It's not there.

It's in my "expired coupons" category. It didn't expire "end of February," it expired on 2/28. Darn Leap Year!!!

The good news? I can always still use the $10 I initially paid toward the album. So, I'm not out any money with no product. AND, the photobook has been created, so now it's just a matter of ordering.

But yes, I am kicking myself. I'm just glad it wasn't my pricier voucher!

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