Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Surprise SNOW!

We woke up this morning to this, the most snow our town has ever seen in March:

6" that quickly added more on top of it. We expected to maybe see a small dusting. This was not a dusting.

This is also clearly not what this originally-homed-in-Los Angeles gnome (Mr. Fritz) and the magic mushroom had signed up for...

Clearly at least someone was pleased as punch:

Bob's car is under there somewhere.... and if you zoom in, the round thing under my neighbors' arbor/pergola is a giant snowman.

Our draped-in-white front yard.

The view from our living room (our neighbor's tree is a tad scary-- it won't hit us if it breaks, but it leans...)

The laurels ont eh side of the hosue draped.... but they'll pop back up. If not, I kinda like the tunnel they make bent over.

Backyard view.

Full of snow.

We even had cross-country skiers on our street.

Our front yard, with LOTS of snow!

Our cute neighbor kid, Watson, posing.

SNOWMAN! (and glove fixing)

And then we went sledding.


  1. WHAT?! That is crazy!!! Looks like more than 6 inches! Well, hope that isn't heading our way...I've been enjoying the early spring in MN!

  2. whoa! gorgeous! it looks like something out of a movie.