Friday, March 16, 2012


Our peas really want (and need) to go outside. The impatient monsters are now approaching 6" tall, and they are pushing at the top of our already-raised-up greenhouse. Too much longer, and they'll start tangling each other with their little gripper vines.

But it's not supposed to get above 50 degrees until Tuesday.

Now, peas are little hardy suckers, but this has me perplexed. I want to put them outside. I think (based upon my limited internet research) that the frost/snow is more of a danger to flowers and peas, both of which aren't present yet... Hm. Here's hoping.

So this weekend, if there is a rain-free (or almost rain-free) spell? Peas, ya be going in the ground.

In other planty news:
We have a couple of tomato seedlings. I'm surprised, as it's only been 5 days and normally this takes longer. But, the big surprise? I planted onions and leeks on Monday. And now? We have a ton of little happy seedlings.

This is my first time doing both from seed, and I find the action of spilling so many seeds into one small area very daunting. I hate thinning seedlings.

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