Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bedroom Paint!

We wanted a change, so we decided to paint our bedroom.

Here was what the prior owners did to the place. Tan is a great color, but with our white bedframe and white coverlet (and white trim and white closet and white doors) it was a bit too... bland.
So, we taped everything off with Frog tape (GREAT! Except on textured surfaces) and set to work...

And voila! A dark slate gray. It's a great color--- warm in the evening, cheery in the morning. We also put up long curtains, but not too heavy. Airy.

The closets and moldings also got taped off....

And paint and curtains added. I like that the moldings and trimwork now pop against the color, rather than blending in with the background paint.

There's a lot more to show with other projects (to come in posts soon), but, finally, here is behind the bed.

You can hopefully see what I mean with the lightness of the wall color (but yet it's dark).

We will be adding pops of color, and I like that the gray color is very complimentary to a lot of different color additions. I'm very happy with it!


  1. great color! i do see what you mean about it being dark but yet not so much.. this is exactly what i'm looking for right now for my own bedroom.. do you mind sharing the brand and color used for the walls? thanks so much!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the compliment! I'm happy to say that almost 4 months later we still love it.

    The paint is "Seal Gray" by Glidden (

    I haven't done a post on it yet, but I redid the nightstands a bright purple color with a walnut top to match our new bed frame. The nice thing about the gray walls is that it is such a flexible color. So much can go with it!

  3. i'm dizzy from all the paint swatches i've been looking at.. who knew there were so many shades of gray! i have 3 samples on the wall now and pretty much not in love with a single one.. haven't looked into glidden yet but i think you just narrowed it down for me! thanks for sharing! we're going to painting our chocolate furniture white and i'm not sure if your bed is still white but i like the photo above with the white on gray so i know it'll go really well.. thanks again!

  4. Our bed is white white. It is a VERY glossy white. I used what I had on hand (glossy white rustoleum!), and I could do so because the frame was so cheap.

    Thought I realize we could have gone with 40 different other colors, I'm really glad we jumped and went with the gray we did. It's a hard decision. But, my husband has good advice for painting: Paint is one of the cheapest ways to redo a room. If you hate the color... REPAINT!

  5. getting the "seal gray" sample after work but really, i'm tempted to just buy a gallon or two and go for it! i have a feeling this one will finally be the one.. hoping to have "after" pics soon..