Sunday, June 12, 2011

The night they danced with fire.

We had a few people over for dinner last night, and afterward:

My friend Vincent needed to practice his fire dancing (poi) in front of some people so he could get some more experience before he performs at a wedding next weekend. His roommate, Joe, also fire dances, so they both performed.

Humming fire, swirled gracefully to music. And no one got hurt!

It was pretty darn neat. I wish I could do that! I'm kind of terrified about the burns though... but Vince says that there are glow stick poi chains. Hmm. Doesn't seem to have the same flair as BALLS OF FIRE.

The entire night also made me fall more in love with our house and back yard. It has such a nice flow for entertaining. Sure, we have a million projects and things to work on, but I'm still so glad we're here.

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