Monday, June 6, 2011

So I live longer, better, happier and healthier.

Well, this is it. I'm jumping on the bandwagon, and, this time, my feet are stapled down.

I've decided that this next New Year's Eve, my resolution for 2012 will not be "to lose weight and get in shape."

Truly, I'm an active person. I may have a desk job, but I move around. But, as I've become heavier, I've found I get tired easily, lose motivation, and don't do things I want to do.

It's going to be extra hard because I am constantly surrounded by temptation. Here's how I'm tackling it:

  • Work: Don't go to the kitchen, and if I do, have a purpose. That way, I CAN say "No" to the piles of goodies generally lurking in there.

  • Home: This one requires a special plan of attack, given my husband's love of butter, cheese and all things rich and gooey. I'm striking it out on my own for the next week or so, that way I can build up the willpower to lower my portions and substitute in better things. It's been really difficult so far (I'm about a week in)-- the smells wafting through the house and the ever-present availabilty of deliciousness. But: so far? No cracking.

  • Car: The town we live in has a lot of delicious things. Thus: temptation. But, I began to realize recently that a lot of our trips and activities were food-based. Let's go to craft fair, to get x and eat y, for example. So, I'm trying to do more activies that aren't this way. Additionally, as the weather gets better, I'll walk more... I only live 1.5 miles from work. This is doable. Plus, there are fewer things I can reach by walking. :)

So, that's it. I'll up the anty at the gym here in the next few weeks. I'm just tired of feeling sluggish. And we'll see how things go.

And who knows-- maybe this means that as I feel better about myself, you'll start seeing more photos of me on this blog! Gasp.

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