Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Longer, Happier, Healthier Update.

Early this month, I posted that I was starting a lifestyle revolution of sorts. I'm VERY happy to say I'm still on the bandwagon.

And it has not been easy. Summertime means I'm very often surrounded by SO many goodies... but then again, what time of year does not bring its own array of yummy delights?


I've been eating very healthily. Lots of vegetables and proteins, no junk. I'm very excited that I've lost the first chunk of weight, but, more importantly, I FEEL better. The food I'm intaking is better for me, and, so, I feel better. Because I feel better, I move more. Moving more has made me stronger and more conditioned to pushing myself.

So, pushing onwards. I'm keeping up the same plan for the next few weeks. Then, I'll start upping things with more exercise.

Summer has finally hit here, so I'm pretty excited. Since we had our share of bike woes in the past 6 months, I actually found a new (to me) bike yesterday evening. It's a gorgeous vintage-looking schwinn, 7 speeds. I'm hoping to make this next week or two a miserable one as I acclimate again to biking (why is the first week at something the most miserable?). I'm hoping this will start me biking more and driving only minimally.

I also bought myself a grocery cart. Yes, like the kind little old ladies drag to the store. We live withing close walking distance to a grocery store, but it does involve a few hills. Plus, carrying anything heavy back, no matter the terrain, STINKS. So, the cart is there to encourage me to not take the car. While it does collapse, I'm thinking of bringing a bike lock to lock it outside while I shop inside. :)

So there's the update. 18 days so far, but who's counting!

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