Wednesday, September 7, 2011


If you're considering getting a double-coated dog, consider this:
The 30-lb corgi's pile of fur is the one on the right. And, be mindful that I do brush them often, so this is not a year's worth of fur.

As another note: I love my knock-off furminator. It gets out that sloughed-off undercoat like nobody's business.

We're pretty lucky in that both of our dogs LOVE to be brushed. I am not taking this fact for granted, even though it's a tad of a hassle when the golden boy loves it so much that he rolls over onto his back (therefore rolling onto where I need to brush the most). Oh, and when I'm sitting down and brushing him and he licks my foot. Ee! Mads is pretty low-key, though every five minutes or so, she feels the need to get up, hop onto my lap, and thunk her head against my chest and lick my chin.

Yes, they really love being brushed.

Both dogs also got all their nails trimmed tonight, so it was a full-on doggie spa night. Bailey got two biscuits for his nail-trimming heroism, a result which immediately made him forget all his anxiety and give me a paw again. Luckily, I forgot the dewclaws, so I trimmed both of them and gave him another biscuit. A dancing, happy, golden boy.

Both dogs are happy, and both dogs are shiny. A productive evening, and hopefully one that will give my broom a little bit of a break.


  1. We are considering a corgi! We've wanted one for YEARS and have been warned about the massive corgi coat, but I have never seen a picture that highlights just how impressive it is until now. Your dog looks very, very pleased with herself. "Yes, that is my hair... what of it?"

  2. I love our corgi. However, we opted to get a fluffie/fluffy corgi, which means she got a recessive gene that only 2-5% of corgis get, giving her long, fluffier fur than a "regular" corgi. We love the defect (she's our little angora bunny!), but it causes a lot of extra... fluff. That fluff also gathers dirt, especially on her feet (and pantaloons- what we call the fluff on the back of her legs) and her chest. We have her fur trimmed on her chest, just because she'd have constant wet dreadlocks on her tummy otherwise (normally I wouldn't trim a double coat dog, but we had to since I figured this better than constant wet on her skin). Bailey has a normal double-fur coat, and he's almost 3x the size of Maddie. But he didn't have as much fur. So... I think that if you don't get a fluffie, you'll have less of a problem!