Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To paint or not to paint?

Here's our dining room table. As you can see, the room has a lot of light... but, it has a lot of dark furniture. The table and benches are painted this deep, deep stain (almost black), so there really isn't the stain versus paint debate going on. It's so lacquered up that it's essentially already painted.

So, then there's the wine rack, also dark. It was hurridly made (by yours truly), and the paint masks the bad molding job I did (truth) and also matches the rack. It's black.
And finally, though not as dark, there's the sideboard thingie we purchased recently for my grandmother's china (and other dining-type knickknacks). It's a light walnut color. Above it, on that wall, we're going to be putting a lot of framed photos.
So, the question becomes: Do we paint the dining room table a lighter and brighter color? It might amp up a darkish room that should be light. I'm not thinking anything too crazy.... I think. Just something to modernize the table a bit and give the room a pop. This wouldn't happen anytime in the next month or two, but perhaps this winter?


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