Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mama Hen

Had to post this picture to show to the Ohio family folks. Mama hen has taken on two baby chicks. They look NOTHING like her, so thank goodness chickens don't understand genetics (or reproduction, for that matter, I say to the hen who sat for days on unfertilized eggs).
Fluffbottom is now the proud mama to two cuckoo maran chickies, who will eventually look like this.

At dusk on Saturday, I brought the box with chicks up to the coop and placed it nearby the hen. She would hear the chirping and think her eggs were about ready to hatch. An hour later (when it was dark), I took the two chicks out and stuck them under mama bird, who immediately fluffed up and gently covered them in feathers.

We're on day four now and Fluffbottom still has her two chicks.

She's up in the old coop right now though, so we'll see how things go when I try to transplant her in a few days to the new coop. I suspect this will have to be done at night also, probably with me wearing a headlamp. She's quite protective of her chicks, so it's a good thing chickens become rather dumb at night!


  1. Aww so glad they are doing well. My momma hens have been easily moved with chicks, she's not still sitting on the nest is she? She is clucking around and the chicks are following her for food and water? Just checking, because if she is still sitting she might not be feeding the chicks, so they could be bad.

  2. She is such a sweetheart!! Thanks for sharing that link, btw, it totally made my morning. I've been feeling a bit down about the whole chicken thing (just have so many other house projects going on) that I totally needed some chickspiration. Fluffbottom has been a wonderful motivator- just what I needed! :) Hope the happy family has many years of chicken joy ahead.