Sunday, May 6, 2012

Deck progress.

Well, I'm getting there with the deck.
 Even with (or in spite of) all the canine support crew.

The entire deck (in this phase) measures 20' long by 14' deep. I've added support pillars to this section (below) to make this 10'x14' section incredibly sturdy. The other side (next to the part in this photo) still needs additional support. I'm getting really good at ratcheting.

The lilac trees (seen above, poking out) are in full bloom, which makes it pretty sweet-smelling outside and nice. I've completely framed them. I'm going to add some wire mesh which will extend from the wood to the ground. It will completely encircle the trees, that way I can fill those squares up with mulch or river rock. That way, when you look into the small cut-out for the tree, you won't see a pit; you'll see mulch or river rock, which I think will be nice. This area doesn't get a TON of moisture, so I think mulch would work... but I tend to lean on caution and will likely go with river rock.

I realized tonight too that I'll need to add ANOTHER support beam right next to the first and last beams to provide appropriate extra end support for the deckboards. CRUD.

I know this is the hardest section, what with the lilacs, the front door, the two sets of stairs, working around the fence, etc, but sigh. It is a TON of steps to do this sucker right.

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