Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The deck!

This was our back terrace (the southern third, at least) BEFORE:

After much hard work, reading, researching, lugging, building, swearing, screwing, drilling, bruising, cutting, sneezing, tripping, fingernail chipping, and dancing, here is the AFTER:

Looks just a little bit different, huh?

I still need to stain and sand the deck, and the gate hardware is on it's way... so there will be a few more photos. But still-- you get the idea. Siiigh! So relaxing. :)


  1. Where is the patio cover from?

  2. Hi Erin-- The cover is from Costco. It's amazing how much prices go up when you switch from canvas covers to hard-topped covers, but we're happy with the result. The top is semi-transparent (it's not clear-- it's like sunglasses), and therefore, we get light still into our kitchen.

  3. Is it still available at costco?

  4. Hm, it looks like it's not. It's called the Madrid Gazebo, and we have the hard-top one. It is available online at a few places.