Sunday, May 20, 2012

Deck progress!

 Well, the deck is coming along. We went away for the weekend, so I only had this afternoon to work on it, but, it's still coming along! Above: The staircase-- the deck is built into it. The two posts are for our gate.

The step coming out of the kitchen is finished...

 And is being enjoyed. It's as if she thought I built her a corgi-sized deck.

Speaking of helpers, here's the helper hen. Not much help without thumbs to use the level...

Remember the gate I mentioned above?

It's going to get this gate!

 There are deckplanks on about 8' so far...

And most the second half is supported and pillars put in. (ignore the split one; I didn't have to put anything on that beam, so the fact that it split is no biggie.

Only a few more inserts to go!

So, that's where I'm at. finishing up small things, then deckboards!

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