Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gate Hardware

This week it's been rainy, so I've moved on to things that can get done... but inside. Things like figuring out how our gate is going to hang.

I bought these bolts from Home Depot. They were called "lag bolts," but the better term (for googling, at least) is "lag gate bolts"... and if you want to feel creepy, insert the additional term "male." Yes, really.
But, I was not happy with these.

First off, the metal was rough. The bolts were this garish silver. Plus, they're not really... nice-looking.

Well, the bolt tip was too big for out gate, so I got to play at this game again.

Let me just say: It's hard to find things on google when you have no idea what to call "a pointy thing that screws onto a gate post that you hang a gate on."

Luckily, several searches later, I discovered a new term: "pintel."

I'm not sure if that's just the term used for the pointy things that hold SHUTTERS up, but regardless, this will (likely, hopefully) do the trick:
4" long, 2.5" across, room for three screws. Plus, this is a smaller gate, so I think that this set-up will provide enough support.

But HOT DANG, they're expensive. Luckily, these were on sale for more than 50% off. Whew.

I must admit I'm a smidge nervous that it will stick out too far... but I did err on the side of caution when spacing out the posts, so here's hoping. They make ones that are not so sticky-outy, but... they're a smidge (ok, more than a smidge) more expensive.

So, fingers crossed.

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