Friday, September 10, 2010

Guess who got the camera back?

The camera has been unearthed from B's car and now I can have photos again! Due to the absence of the camera, the photos are a bit modge podge and many things aren't photographed, but a few are better than none! woot.

First up, the pasta roller!!! Here it is in all its glory. I am definitely using it more. The pasta recipe I use does very well in the freezer.

You can see the two roll bars on the left. Those make the sheets of pasta. There are different "gears" so you can go slowly... one level of thinness at a time. In the middle are the roll bars where you can run a sheet through to make fettuccine noodles. And, on the far right, it looks like very thin noodles, either spaghetti or angel hair.

Here's a rolled sheet. I cut it out using the clean bottom of a can. I am on the lookout for a biscuit cutter. Or cookie cutter. Or something better than the bottom of a can (which is not that sharp for cutting, btw.

I got it very thin, and this was only going to gear "4" on the rollers. The rollers go from 1 (thick roll-- approx 1/8") to level 6! I've only taken it to level 5, and that was already way thinner than I needed. I'm curious as to what I can do with very thin sheets of pasta. There has to be some little-known Italian recipes calling for something like phyllo dough. Hmm.

Fill the insides, wet one half, flip it over, and the wetness helps seal. I used another press (it's actually a wonton press, but whatever) to make the seal look particularly pretty. That part is optional. I could have also just sealed together two circles and made circle ravioli rather than half moon.

On to photos of other things. Here is one of my Black Prince tomatoes! YUM!

And the product of some of my labor-- the raspberry and strawberry jams and sauces from this weekend:

My dog has a fluffy behind. Just saying.
And I think she kind of likes hikes. Just kind of. We're pretty lucky that she will come when called so she can go off-leash.
Yup. Just kind of likes hikes.
The couch ate Paddington. Yes, I really did find him asleep like this.

Our dog was found on the floor like this. Yes, blanket and pillow. Does someone think they're human much? No, I did not crimp her ear fur.

That's it for now, but more to come... backlog just about done.

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