Friday, September 3, 2010

The rundown of a Friday morning...

I found a new source for apples, as the two trees I've been using are just about done. Fingers crossed they aren't wormy at the new tree.

No news yet on job stuffs. Fingers are significantly more crossed on this front than the apples. I'm hoping for something today, as it's soon the start of a holiday weekend, but the process will take however much time it needs.

My $25 giftcard I won from came in the mail yesterday! I am so amazingly excited. Can't wait to figure out the grocery list for next week and see my total fall.

B's doing well. Work is keeping him busy, but he's been liking biking to work a lot recently. Woo! Now I need to find a new bike....

I agreed to help out at Abacela Winery/Vineyard again, this time for a two-day stretch, 9/13 and 9/14. I think I'm going to use some of my proceeds to join their wine club. Even if you're out-of-area, their wines are consistently so fantastic that I really urge you to join. Shipping's not too shabby! You can also order wine from their website. If you just want a starter wine to "test the waters," I recommend their $20 Tempranillo. Their Port is also out of this world. For whites, try the Albarino-- really unique and fantastic! I am really excited to be heading out there again. Now I just have to find a friend to hit up for a night's stay in town. Shouldn't be a problem.

Bagged up all my soup-- total came to 8 FULL quart baggies and some in a tub in the fridge for us to eat. Froze the 8. One is going to a friend. The rest are sticking around in my freezer, unless another person chimes in.

Played Bingo with friends last night. Hey, it's only a few bucks to enter and it's 3 hours of fun. We try to do it every month or so, but we missed the last time, so it's been a while. I was ONE SQUARE AWAY from winning $1000. Seriously. But, close does not count in Bingo, unfortunately.

My dog needs a bath in the worst way and a flea treatment. Poor thing. No, she's not bad or anything, but I just like to be preventative rather than reactionary. Ugh, and I flipped her over the other day and there were at least 12 dreadlock/mats on her belly. SERIOUSLY. This is what I get for having a longish-haired, short-legged pup in Oregon.

I may have convinced the hens to start laying again. The weather changes have been pretty significant, and something's knocked them off their game. But, there was an egg yesterday, so I'm hoping for many more today.

Rooster boy's days are limited. Sorry fella. I tried to find you a craigslist home, but no one really wants you.

Had to kill some time yesterday afternoon, so I went to goodwill (only thing near where I needed to be in 40 minutes). Found a pair of rubber, heavy-duty, knee-height boots for winter yard stuffs. WOOOO!!! I've been looking for a pair, but seriously, I"m not going to spend $50 on a pair of utilitarian rubber things that are just supposed to get mucky. Cost? $5. Yes, I'll clean inside and out, etc etc, but what a deal.

There was a less-than-half-priced offer for gift cards for a meat market I like. $40 for $90 worth of gift cards? Yes please. And no, they're not headed out of business. I read the fine print and everything, so I knew what limitations there were, etc. Then, I find out that it's ONLY good for their deli section. Um, huh? Seriously? I asked the store owner and they said that MANY people were mislead. I re-read the limitations, and it was VERY poorly written. So, I emailed the company that put on the promotion. I got a very "um, no, you're mistaken" rude email back. So, I re-emailed, kindly analyzing their supposed contract limitations and saying, "I'm not the only one, and the company you promoted is having many problems because of you." I guess they did their research because I got an email back from them a few hours later saying "you're right." They've agreed to work out a good deal with me. I guess this is one of the circumstances where squeaky wheel got the oil instead of getting thrown out. I felt a bit bad complaining about a deal, but if you can't use it in the manner you thought you could, it's worth voicing your concerns.

I get to go blackberry picking on Sunday. Yes, I have some in my yard, but not nearly enough this year. Don't know why. So, a friend and I are headed to another friend's farm where she has bundles. Sweet.

Another friend and I are going to the fabric store this weekend. Can't wait. Fall means soon the beginning of indoor projects. SO EXCITED. Amongst my other wants is to make a bunch of napkins this fall. We've already significantly cut down on our paper towel use. It'd be nice to cut back even further.

Second batch of dried apples are in the dehydrator!

Going out somewhere with a friend of mine tonight. Knowing our husbands (coworkers and friends), they will probably find us and tag along also. We'll see what ends up happening.

My carrots are out of this world delicious. Honestly. I'd forgotten how tender fresh carrots are. AMAZING. And my Territorial carrot seeds? Again, well done Territorial. I'm actually tempted to do a bed of their Merida carrots, starting them in late Sept/October and they'll overwinter, being ready for picking in May/June. By late Sept/Oct, the carrot bed should be available. If not, the Broccoli bed will definitely be open. Hmmm. One thing about carrots is they do take a while. But they are SO MUCH FUN to yoink and see a delicious root. mmm.

It's almost pumpkin time! I am so ridiculously excited. I can't wait to cook and freeze pumpkin. And all the yummy pumpkin things.

We're having hot weather the next few days. Please send well-wishes for my tomatoes to ripen. So far, we're seeing some changes!

The pear tree keeps on churning out pears. 6 more this morning, making the total to pay attention to right now about 15. I may try to dry these. We shall see.

My garlic arrived. Let's just say I may have overdone it a bit on the garlic. Nah. That's not possible.

Paddington's eye is a bit better. Not as oozy (sorry for the TMI), so he got to come out of quarantine. Now he's being very quiet so as to not make me realize he's there so I won't attack him with eye medicine goo. Smart boy.

Ok, that's more than enough. Back to work.

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