Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dried deliciousness.

Remember how I was hemming and hawing about making dried apple slices?

Let's just say I'm glad I got off my lazy, hemming and hawing debate and did them.

Now, I'm hooked. So. Utterly. Delicious.

Unlike the ones from the grocery store that have some, but very little, taste to them, these are flavorful and amazing. A little bit of sugar (NOT MUCH) and cinnamon helps make the outside slightly crunchy. My coworkers have loved these.

I got both my dehydrators going. I hadn't used the second one, so this was an experiment. The second one uses heat, whereas the first one uses air.

Here they are, lined up on one of the trays:

And dried to deliciousness.

The air method resulted in FAST drying-- mayyybe 4 hours? Really fast. The heat method is much slower (8-12 hours), but absolutely quiet. The air method dehydrator makes a little noise, but nothing more than say, a coffee maker, so not really a deterrent. All in all, I'm glad I have both. Both together makes about 3 quarts of dried apples.

And, speaking of which, here's one of the quarts:
And it's yummy contents (the top layers have already been scarfed down):

Needless to say, the dehydrators are staying out on the counter for a while. I WILL FIND more apples.

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