Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Darn birds.

My hens aren't laying. Granted, I did put a tarp over their pen and they were upset. And they did get really soggy last week with the rain.


I suspect it's the base feed. Ever since I switched them 100% to oats, they LOVE it, but they don't lay well.

DRAT. I was loving the stuff being $8 for 50lbs.

So, the experiment is beginning tomorrow... when I go out and buy chicken feed, and straw to clean out the coop, and hay to lay out in their now-dry chicken pen and a light to hang up in their coop and a cover for my electrical outlet so I don't fry.



  1. Mine are off as well, although one lays occasionally. I figured it had something to do with the change in weather (wetter, darker, etc) since I haven't changed anything in terms of feeding. Oh, I did change their bedding type but I'd be surprised if that's it. I'm on a listserve and other people have reported similar occurrences. It's hard to tell, isn't it, just what changes will put them off their production schedule.

  2. Mine have actually picked back up in laying because of our slightly cooler weather, and not so much texas heat. I would think that if they are only getting straight oats that's not enough. I know they need more balanced diet and more calcium especially if laying. Do you have free choice oyster shells for them? Also I like to feed back my used eggs shells, just be sure they have dried a bit or it might encourage egg eating.