Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa

It's my father's birthday today. Suffice it to say: He's a pretty darn cool guy. Yes, he may be the hardest person to buy gifts for. And yes, he does have the strange habit of using initialism to be "modern." (For eg: most people know what brb means. My dad will suddenly pop into an email "bbiam." With no explanation. It will take you a while to figure out it means "be back in a minute.")

But he's still a pretty darn nifty person. And I love him. And he's over 1000 miles away. Though, he does fly airplanes and keeps threatening to show up. HA!

So, Happy birthday Papa!!

In other news...

Oy, the things to do. Not in a bad way... just as a fact of life. Go to the DMV. Buy a bike. Get straw. Clean the chickens. Oof. More on all that later....

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