Wednesday, October 20, 2010



And no, it is NOT (I REPEAT, NOT) a job with these qualifications:

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Nope. Instead, I will be doing good in the world. I hope. I'm helping implement a new, thorough, treatment-based (for parents, foster parents and kids) foster program.

Yes, I know. Nifty.

I should preface that it is part time. This means I can still (hopefully, discussion with my ever-busy boss coming soon...) keep my old job but not be as freaked out when the projects run thin.

It also means I can apply for other positions that are also part-time (ones that receive less competition) to round out my schedule. That would equal full time, with hopefully one eventually leading to full time. AND, it opens a lot of doors for me in fields I'm interested in, but I needed a bit more experience.

Totally exciting.

And? I get to wear jeans to work.

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