Friday, October 1, 2010

How 'bout them tomatoes?

On Monday, I harvested a bunch of tomatoes. I went back out today, expecting to find a few more.

I have tomatoes.

And whomever said "ya can't grow beefsteak tomatoes in the Pacific Northwest" is clearly wrong. This one weighs 1.5 pounds:
This one about 1.4 pounds.
Yea baby....


  1. Wahoo! Glad the finally came through for you! They are saying we might get our first frost here tonight, so I am going to pick all of my still green beefsteak tomatoes tonight and hope they ripen up inside!

  2. Yes, finally, tomatoes. Though, given the number of plants I have, we should be getting more... but I am NOT complaining! There will be roasted and frozen. MMM.

    Frost! Eeek! I suppose it's that time of year though, huh?

  3. Beautiful!! Great harvest!!! Love your variety of tomatoes.