Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sushi party

It was my cool neighbor Joe's birthday last week. We had a party on Monday (surprise Joe!), but Joe decided to have folks over and HE made sushi (with Vince) on Sunday! And wow. Wow. Wowo

Joe, analyzing the delights of his labor.

Wow! Sushi!!

Joe, a vegetarian, made yummy chicken sticks.

And here come the sushi photos:

Needless to say, we were STUFFED. Luckily, we live next door, so we could just roll home.

The ever-helpful helper, Vince.
Vince works at a bakery, and he made these SWEET cakes for Joe. One for the sushi party, one for the surprise party the next day.
Camo cake and a periodical table of elements. SO COOL.
They're watching seasons of Lost right now, so the camo cake was also Lost-themed.

Joe liked the cakes. He matched even.

Obligatory smiling for the camera.
And Vince, being the cake pro, cut the cake.
Joe, laughing at Vince's expert cutting.
Super knife and warm water even.

Sushi! Party! I need to find things to bribe Joe with so he can teach me how to make sushi rolls.

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