Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tackling the Sweet Meat Squash

Today I am tackling a Sweet Meat Squash.
I bought one last Sunday, and today, I've decided to cook mine up. The reviews on these squash are amazing, including "best squash ever" and "the Northwest's fantastic secret." It also supposedly makes the best pumpkin pie, due to the taste and sweetness.

Obviously, this squash needs to be tried.

The farm near us sells them for $4.99 each, which is a decent steal for a 10+lb squash that sprawls and does not produce a ton of fruits. I want to cook one now so I can nab a few more, if necessary. Due to the tough skins, they supposedly keep for a long time, so I don't have to cook these guys right away. I feel the same way about my butternuts. My sugar pie pumpkins though, are in the oven right now.

*** Added Edit: I just weighed it. Tops the scales at 19.6 lbs!!! Really makes the $4.99 price seem better, huh? Right at 25 cents a pound!

My unfamiliarity on this squash is prompting a lot of google searches on my behalf. Can you eat the seeds? Yes. How to roast? Cooking in halves seems the best bet. How tough is the skin? Supposedly gets harder the longer stored, but it's pretty tough. How long to cook? We'll see...

It is such a cool-looking squash, I tell ya!

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