Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hopping foot to foot.

I've been looking at various real estate listings (as per usual for me) and also building company websites. You know, just for kicks.

And I wonder...

Someday, when we do have a house, I wonder if I will hop from square foot to square foot in the house and state how much money was spent. Most of the websites break down the cost (note: without interest) of a home by square foot. Though a great measure, I still find it amusing.

Suddenly, that broom closet became really expensive. Fourth bedroom, anyone?


It also makes me want to get a shrunken set of plans for the house and grid it into 360 little squares. Yes, and cross them off as the mortgage is paid.

I can see a conversation with a kid someday:
"Mom, why is my room not red yet?"
"Because you're not paid for."


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