Monday, September 20, 2010

Slugging through the puddles

It's been pretty rainy here the past few days. Though it's been a clean rain (dirty rain comes later on in the year... can't really explain it), it's still been dreary. As the house got muddier and muckier with paw and foot prints, I got more down.

I normally love the rain. But with such a tiny space, you do begin to feel like you're constantly tripping over things and people. The onset of rain also means no friends over, since it's a bit too small a space. The weekend was not made any better by my learning on Friday that the position I wanted has been offered to another candidate. No word yet on whether they accepted, but. Still disheartening.

B says not to feel upset, that good things will happen, and we should be grateful for what we have. "We do have a lovely home," he said. "Moving is not going to solve other problems."

It's not that I want to move. I just had expectations and goals for myself, and it's frustrating to have to still keep climbing that mountain to reach them.

So the rain came down this weekend and I poked around the house. I'm not really quite sure if I even accomplished anything. Sure, I blanched some peaches and tomatoes and made peach sauce. I dried the last of the pears. I dried some squash too. It still feels like a bit of a time loss though.

Don't worry, I'll snap out of it. I am already snapping. Things are what they are, and I can do this.

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