Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dehydrated apple?

I am seriously pondering raiding my neighbor's apple tree (bungalow Joe... he offered). The shared tree in the back has pretty much petered out, and I need apples that are buggy-free (windfall apples are great, but you'll often have to cut out spots).

I'm thinking dried apple slices.

I have the dehydrators. I have the apples. I have peelers and corers and auto slicers. Hmmm.

Seriously pondering this. My husband, who had to empty the 40 quarts of apple and pear waste this weekend (I put it into a 62-quart tub), may not be as excited about this project. hmmm.

It's at least a few days till I go berry picking, so that's an opening of time, right?

In other news? Our fridge, which has been the Isle of Hiding Where All Expired Food Goes, has been cleaned, scrubbed, and emptied. True, now I feel like we have no food. It looks pretty bare. But then I remember that we have not gone grocery shopping because I refused to put new food into a nasty fridge.

Believe me, there is significantly greater bliss in opening the door and seeing a clean, empty fridge, than in seeing a full-of-nasty-food, gross fridge.

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