Thursday, August 12, 2010

To dos.

Busy night last night! I posted our expedit bookshelf on craigslist around 8:45, and it sold at 9:30. For a decent price too, I must say!

But that means that the already-half-emptied bookshelf had to be completely emptied, and in about 30 minutes.


But, thanks to the nook for storage upstairs by our bed, it was easily done. Still to find a home though is our grafonola. Don't worry, we're not getting rid of it. But, I'm tempted to wrap it up tight and put it in storage. Why? Because it's not getting used enough in our small space to justify the dust getting on it. I LOVE it, dearly, but we really do need a much better set-up for it.

I'm thinking of taking the shelves my parents bought (similar to these: shelves) got us and putting them in the laundry room, but half height. So, we'd have 3-4' shelves, not 6' shelves. Then, I'd have ample space for things like my canning jars underneath, and then bigger things like spare towels and the grafonola underneath.


What else is on my to-do?

Well, we have these suckers on the tree outside:
And they are just begging to be made into:
Yup, applesauce. I have so many quart jars just WAITING to be used. I love homemade applesauce. Chunky applesauce with vanilla and cinnamon. YUMMMMMM. But cutting the apples and peeling and and and... well, it all takes time. There's also yummy apple butter to be made.

My mom also made some really good dried apples. Here I am, having dehydrators, and I AM NOT USING THEM! Eeek. Well, hopefully on Sunday.

Saturday will be spent at two places. It's an early rise to wait in line for the REI Scratch and Dent Sale. An amazing experience if you've never been. We're on the lookout for a doggie life vest and bike gear. And shoes, of course, because their shoes are always amazing. Maybe a better camp sleeping pad for me. It all depends on what they have.

Saturday afternoon/evening, we're at a volunteer thing for a local group that helps disabled children. I'm volunteering, but B scored a ticket to enjoy himself (and keep the husband of the coordinator happy). It should last into the evening.

But Sunday? Sunday is free.

Also to do? Pick blackberries. They are finally coming into season in decent numbers. I've already put up about 10 jars of jam, but you have to consider the fact that I'm sending much of that number to Ohio to Bob's parents. And, I give away as presents a substantial amount of my jammed up items.

So, I need to make, I figure about 2-3 dozen more jars of blackberry jam. It's the final jam item of the year-- raspberries and strawberries are done except for a small amount of everbearings (and those don't have enough to make substantial amounts).

That reminds me... I have a pot of apricot and a pot of strawberry jam in my fridge that need to be heated up and jarred and sealed. Crud!

My garlic still needs to be dug. It's about half done, but I hurt my knee 2 weeks ago and hopping on a shovel was out of the question.

And I should make note that my living room is in chaos. I bought a retro couch yesterday, but B and I ended up deciding that it was best to keep the old loveseat and bring back in our knock-off Eames lounger (currently in storage at a friend's house). So, now not only do I have the mess of a bookshelf having been unloaded and a grafonola to store, but I have a loveseat and a couch in my living room. NOT MUCH SPACE, let me tell you.

Luckily, I posted the couch on craigslist this morning, and there are several bites. Hopefully, by this evening, we'll have one loveseat, a clean living room, and mayyyybe some jam made.

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